Lithium Battery Guide

About the LithiumBatteryGuide

What does the LithiumBatteryGuide?

The LithiumBatteryGuide is used to get individual instructions for shipping of lithium batteries. For this purpose, all parameters required for shipping are queried by a wizard. In the end, individual shipping instructions will be shown that can be shared via a special link with other persons involved in shipping (like a courier, freight forwarder, shipping company or airline).

Why a LithiumBatteryGuide?

Depending on which courier, which freight forwarder, which shipping company or airline is ultimately involved in the transport of your lithium batteries, may be additional restrictions imposed by this partner. That's why it is so important that you provide all parties with the link of your individual custom shipping instructions before they ship so they are able to comment.

You also need to know

The LithiumBatteryGuide was developed for shipments of new unused lithium batteries, which have passed all tests according to the UN manual of test and criteria (UN 38.3). The LithiumBatteryGuide is not suitable for prototypes, initial and small batches (less than 100 pieces per year), defective or damaged lithium batteries and those for disposal or recycling. In such cases please get in contact with us.